Exact builds a full range of cloud based business software solutions (ERP, CRM, HRM, Financial, Accountancy) for small and medium enterprises. After registration as an Exact user it's possible to login to your online panel and get an instant overview of your business administration. However, many companies are still very much based on the beloved Excel sheet: the trusted Excel sheet presents an overview of today and with some extrapolation a prospective view of the future.

You may wonder (as a client of me did) 'Is it possible to export Exact data to Excel?' Sure, Exact provides some basic export functions, but if you want the data you Really Need you'll be on your own. Fortunately Exact provides a REST based API (check https://developers.exactonline.com ) which allows you to get (or post, or delete, or update for that matter) your precious business data.

For an application, e.g. a website or Android app, to access the data of an Exact user and his administration, this user needs to grant access to this application. Usually this means that the Exact user needs to login with his Exact credentials by means of the OAuth2 framework. In this example OAuth2 authorization is triggered by clicking the button 'Get data from Exact Online to Excel'. If you have an Exact Online account go ahead, click the button and generate an exampe Excel sheet.

The power of the REST API is based on a full range of available endpoints, whether it be your Financial, Projects or Mailbox service. Imagine combining data from your Sales and Workflow services, or generate an overview of Worked hours and Cashflow. The possibilities are endless with decent API programming. If you need assistance in generating custom Exel sheets with any kind of Exact data don't hesitate to contact Blue Cliff Concepts.