Every web application starts with an idea

What is the aim of your application? Who is your audience? Which 'tone of voice' and 'look and feel' will appeal to your audience? Think about menu structure, color schemes, CMS functionality en get some inspiration at sites you enjoy.

BCC helps

BCC can help define the 'look and feel' of your application and think along with you about online strategies. Sure, you wonder what your new application will cost. The quote of BCC will be clear and transparant.

Time to turn your idea into code, and code into an application

Allright, the idea is worked out. Time to create a initial prototype of your desired application. Both design an functionality are rendered in the first version of your application. Excellent time for you to consider what parts of design or functionality is in need of a change. BCC implies those changes untill you are satisfied.

Test it!

Maybe the initial prototype was changed to fit your desires and now it's time for some thorough testing. Does the web application meet all the functional requirements? Are test results showing that your application can perform better or faster? BCC will now optimize your app. Your app's only one step before an online launch!

Once your application is online, pretty soon you will get feedback of visitors

What's your audience saying about your application? Feedback is considered by BCC and your app will be further optimized. Blue Cliff Concepts can manage your application on a technical and content level, but you can also do it yourself, let it be done by someone in your organisation, or you may hire a third party.